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Marley Drug

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Marley Drug

After being acquired by Medicure, Marley Drug needed a partner to help them build their pharmaceutical mail order system web app from a phone-based system to a scalable online platform that could continue to meet demand nationwide.

The Situation

Marley Drug was growing and had an opportunity to start offering its prescription fulfillment services across the country.  They needed a development team that could build in a technology that would complement their existing development abilities and build a web platform they could continue to scale.  Due to the quickly changing market and the emergence of competitors, they needed to meet the immediate demand of their customers and their business partners, which meant a web app that enabled healthcare providers to build more trust with their patients by providing a simple shopping experience.
Pristine Tech worked with Marley Drug’s team to map out where they needed us to take over and what our process would be for building, testing, and approving code launches.  We quickly found that more than just a web app, they needed a site and marketplace that would be an attractive tool for doctors to build greater trust with their patients through easier access to medications.  Based on these goals we were able to find the best technologies to achieve them.

The Goal

Qualitatively, Marley Drug wanted to create a marketplace that made shopping for drugs quick and easy.  In addition to the e-commerce functions, that meant database connections that enabled fast and detailed searches so patients could find medications or generics of the right dose and delivery mechanism.
Technically, Marley Drug needed a clean and informative web app with a strong e-commerce suite.  It needed to be scalable, easy to maintain, and have strong dynamic functionality to feel truly interactable.  To have the market presence they needed for healthcare providers and patients, the app would need strong SEO capabilities.  Finally, it needed to load and function fast to minimize lost transactions.

How We Did It

Laravel was used on the server side, and a MySQL database was designed to handle large amounts of data like the extensive medication libraries.  Redis as a caching layer improved the overall performance of the app.  “For the front-end, we used Next.js to achieve a lightweight and versatile experience that leveraged our server-side builds, which also enabled strong SEO capabilities.” said Endrit, Pristine’s lead developer on the project.  React.js provides dynamic functionality and will be scalable for Marley’s long-term needs.

The Result

Marley Drug is live and taking on new partnerships with month-over-month growth of users.  This has positioned Marley as a successful pharmaceutical player with a solid reputation among patients and healthcare providers.  “Since the launch, we have increased the visibility of Medicure and Marley Drug in the U.S. healthcare landscape. The upcoming 12 months (and beyond) will be very important to us as we want to grow the platform and services we provide to its full capacity” said a Marley Drug VP.  They will be moving forward into 2023 with Pristine Tech’s support.