Our Process

We use Agile to maximize trust, streamline production, and focus on adding value.

For Our Clients

Why We Rely On Agile


We know that trusting someone you don’t know with your app, your website, or your technology is risky. You’ve worked hard to build something valuable, and you want to know what work is being done on it. Here at Pristine Tech, we take care of your work as if it was our own, and we rely on agile processes to keep you engaged and informed at every step of the way.


You need to be able to adjust your plans quickly in response to new data, new testing results, new market conditions, and new competitors. Whatever the reason, agility is built into our processes, and we take the central concept to heart. If things need to change, we make the change, because we want what you get to be functional.


You need what you pay for to be out quickly without being low quality. Agile means getting something that adds functionality and value at every step of the process. Even more, higher speed complements the achievement of trust and agility that you need. With faster production more often, you can see more progress faster, and you can make changes more often as necessary.

For Development

Why We Rely On Agile


We trust our developers to write great code, test, and redevelop. We trust our product owners to maintain the connection between work completed and valuable product for you. Smart and capable people work best when they have the space and support to work efficiently and comfortably. Agile puts our people in the right position to get things done.


Quality means more than just writing good code. It means writing good code that means something to you and to the market you are targeting. But making changes quickly and flexibly, by maintaining connection between you and your work, we achieve both kinds of quality on every project.

Ease of Use

Both our products and our teams are easy to work with. Because we make all of these principles part of our work ethic, our personalities flow with the same agility and speed that the process encourages. Because our products advance little by little, every change is easy to understand in the larger context, and is always focused on solving a specific problem.